500 years after the death of the man who remains the absolute genius of human flight, what legacy did he leave the pilots of paragliding and other aerial sports?

In 2019, the Coupe Icare will honour the most famous inventor with a programme in 2019 animated by the colours of the Italian genius of the Renaissance :

EXHIBITIONS (in the church at St Hilaire de Touvet) :
« Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dream of flying» : exhibition by the Château de Clos Lucé
« Flying Machines and Leonardesques» creations by Serge Reynaud
«From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Flight of the Mind»  By the Sabot et la Plume :a pedagogical, cultural and scientific odyssey in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci
« Leonardo's flying machines revisited by today's children» – competition held amongst schools in the Gresivaudan.


Icare kids corner:
many workshops related to Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines plus giant puppets...
Icarnaval: a special prize for the most exceptional Leonardo da Vinci disguise
Icare expo : The prize for the most beautiful stand in the colours of Leonardo da Vinci awarded by Cross Country.
Icare Show : dropped from a helicopter at low altitude, the exceptional flight of the reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's parachute

COMPETITION "Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machines'

Le Vélicptère de l'école de St Pancrasse

As part of the tribute paid to the Italian genius, this year the Coupe Icare launched a competition for students from primary and nursery schools in the Grésivaudan with the theme: "Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines".

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's work, the children not only had to imagine a flying machine but also to create it collectively using any techniques of their choice.

The only limitation: that the machine can be transported in a car!

19 classes responded to the challenge (7 schools) and 13 machines have been created.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone for your extraordinary, colourful, poetic, ecological machines!

All the creations will be exhibited during the Coupe Icare in the church at St Hilaire (from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September).

The film produced by Goncelin School will be shown on Friday 20th September at 1.30pm – in the cinema tent.



Great Prize :  LE VELICOPTERE - Classe CP/CE1 – Ecole de St Pancrasse     
Jury's favorite  :  NOS MAISONS VOLANTES - Classe ULIS – Ecole de Goncelin  
Special Jury Prize : LA LIBELLULE - Œuvre collective – Ecole St Hilaire
Story Price : Film : « L’extraordinaire voyage de Léonard » - Classe CE2 – Ecole de Goncelin       

Prize of poetry to the children of La Pierre for :
LE SIEGE AILE – Classe de CE2/CM1/CM2 - Ecole de La Pierre 
LE FAUTEUIL HELICOPTERE – Classe Maternelle GS - Ecole de La Pierre 
LES AILES D'ICARE -  Classe Maternelle PS/MS - Ecole de La Pierre  
L’ HELIC PLANEUR - Classe CE1/CE2 - Ecole de Tencin

Research Prize : LEO ECUMILON - Classe CE1/CE2 – Ecole Jules Ferry de Villard Bonnot

Prize "Green flying machine" : LA SPIRALE - Classe CE2/CM1/CM2 – Ecole Ste Marie d’Alloix   

1st Prize "machines of the futur" : AVION TOTEM - Classe CP/CE1 – Ecole La Pierre  
2nd Prize "machines of the futur" :X PLANE - Classe CE1/CE2 – Ecole de Tencin      
2nd Prize ex-aequo "machines of the futur" : L’AVION - MONTGOLFIERE - Classe CP/CE1 - Ecole de Tencin