Dear leisure pilots

It’s always with great pleasure that we welcome you in Coupe Icare.

Flying during the coupe will surely be a great moment for you.

We nevertheless wish to bring to your attention some important pieces of information, which will also be given by our volunteers on the take-offs. They are important in terms of security.

Regarding south take off (“Chapelle” take off).
It seems easier than others, but, carefull, it can be surprising, even for best pilots!
See explanation below.


Regarding flights next to the hot air balloons
Many of you wait for the balloons to elevate before taking off. Once in the air, you absolutely must respect a minimum distance, any direction, of at least 100M from balloons as shown below


Regarding airspace closure in case of helicopter approach, or any other aerial hazard.
The instruction to stop flying  and to land, for instance to enable the safe arrival of rescue helicopters, is evidenced by a big X below south take off.
It is absolutely mandatory to follow this rule. See illustration below.