This is the opportune time for all paraglider manufacturers to present their range of new models in flight !

Participation :
Pilots who wish to participate in the “manufacturers demo” demonstration of the Coupe Icare 2019 need to fill-in the registration form before Friday September 6th.
The registration takes place only online at the following website

Dates and Flight schedule :
Saturday 21st from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on the south take-off site of Saint Hilaire du Touvet. (cancellation possible if weather and/or safety conditions are bad)
The flight should not exceed 3:00pm (including landing).

Meeting point:
at the Parateam tent (south take-off) on Saturday at 01:00pm

Briefing  :
- 1st briefing / safety : Saturday at 10:00am - Est take-off / school
- 2nd pilot briefing / organization : on the south take-off area at 1:30pm. If possible, provide an informative manufacturer’s sheet about the models for presentation to the organization. 



the flight zone limits will be precisely defined during the briefing. Flying over the spectators is strictly forbidden at take-off and landing. Landing on the plateau is not authorized. Entering the costume contest flying zone is forbidden.

Aerial show:
The pilot agrees to perform an easy flight, enabling spectators the best visibility on the wing. All safety rules regulating our activity must be respected (rules of the air, safety distance, priorities, landing zone rules). Pilot failing to respect the regulations will be excluded.
Aerobatic moves are not permitted in this specific demonstration. The pilot must use his equipment following for the manufacturer’s guidelines and will not leave the flying zone.

Mandatory equipment:
Wing fit for flying, inspection complying with the manufacturer’s guidelines if required, safety chute, helmet, radio in working order.
If the wing is new, a test on the beginner’s slope is required. The wing can be awaiting homologation approval and not have final homologation test results yet.  

Engagement :
By registering for this manufacturer flight, the pilot will comply with the present regulations and follow the Flight director’s instructions.
Pilots failing to follow the present regulations will be excluded from the show.

Info/Contact :
Jean-Gabriel THILLARD -


Download the regulations "PARAGLIDING MANUFACTURERS DEMO 2019"

reglement demo constructeur GB 2019.pdf