Between the valley and the summit of the Dent de Crolles, there is a 1807meter altitude difference.
A great ascension by foot finishes with a magnificent flight, under the guidance of the CHVD.

Three path of your choice :
- 1807 path: The walk starts from the funicular lower station at Montfort; goes up by the Pal de Fer trail to Saint Hilaire; there it continues on the 1207 path…
- 1207 path: The walk starts from the Saint Hilaire ski resort parking lot; goes up by the “PR” trail, passing near the “Source du Sanglier” spring, up to “Pas de Rocheplane” pass; then it continues along the cliff towards Dent de Crolles by the summit trails.
- 607 path: It starts by a drive from the Saint Hilaire ski resort parking lot, up to the Dent de Crolles parking lot, 200m before the “Col du Coq” pass. The walk starts from the bottom end of that parking lot, up the main trail to Dent de Crolles, passing by the Col des Ayes pass, then the Pas de l’Oeille pass.


Participation and registration  :
The pilots wishing to participate to the « Hike and Fly to The Dent » activity of Coupe Icare 2019 must submit a  registration.
This registration can only be done on-line on the www.coupe-icare.org web site.
The selected path must be chosen during the registration.

Those interested in participating in the hike and flight from the Dent de Crolles, who may not have met the deadline announced on the web site, can nevertheless try by going straight to the hikers' rendezvous. Their chances of participating are dependent on the number of places left to fill and as long as they can show a valid FFVL licence. Otherwise the application to fill out can be done on site.

Saturday, September 21st, delayed to Sunday 22nd if the weather is not favorable on Saturday.
The choice of the date is done on Friday morning, and registrants will be notified by email.
The flight must not last beyond 2:00pm (landing included).

Meeting points:
For the 1807 path, the meeting point is at 07:00 AM in front of the funicular lower station at Montfort.
For the 1207 and 607 paths, the meeting point is at 07:30 AM in the Saint Hilaire ski resort parking lot, near the Grange aux Loups restaurant.

Pilots Briefing:
Pilots will be briefed at the meeting points, before leaving on foot or by car.

Food & drinks: 
No food nor drinks will be provided by organizers. It is essential to bring water and food, in quantities suitable for the chosen path and the temperature of the day. However there’s no need to carry too much water: there is a spring near the top, near the needle, 50 m below the “Pas de l’Oeille” pass. (The 607 path passes in front of it. The others must descend 50 m)

Compulsory equipment:
A wing in good flight condition, revised according to the manufacturer recommendations; a rescue parachute for tandem wings; a helmet. Strongly recommended: A light wings and harness, adapted to carrying on a large ascent. A radio in working condition connected on the frequency of safety FFVL 143.9875 MHz..

Somes Informations :
- Hike up: Stay in a group, with one member of the organization in each group. (This is to make sure nobody gets lost, and nobody is abandoned exhausted.)
- Respect the Natural Park regulations: Stay on marked trails. Do not walk on the fragile endemic plants growing in rocky areas. Do not approach the animals or nests in the cliffs. Carry all your waste back down into the valley, and put it into appropriate trash cans.
- Take-off: The take-off must be done from the top of Dent de Crolles, between 09:30 and 13:30 as permitted by weather. Caution: It's a high altitude take-off, becoming dangerous in case of strong winds. Each pilot takes off under his own responsibility. Renounce in case in doubt. The organization reserves the right to prohibit take-off if it considers that the conditions become too dangerous.
- Flight: The flight must be done between the Dent de Crolles area and Saint Nazaire les Eymes. Avoid any flight over of the plateau east of Saint Pancrasse. Flights to Saint Hilaire and Lumbin are prohibited. Flying over the public is strictly prohibited, both at the take-off, and at the landing zone. Do fly very near the cliffs, to avoid disturbing the birds nesting in the holes in the rocks.
- Landing: Landing on the plateau is prohibited. It is compulsory to land at the Saint Nazaire les Eymes landing zone, GPS coordinates (45.265649N, 5.841778E). It is marked by a blue diamond on the ground. Caution: This landing zone is sloping and surrounded by hedges on 3 sides. It is strongly recommended to approach it from the valley side, following an L-shaped path. Be careful of the gradient in case of a strong breeze of valley.

Engagement :
The pilot commits to select a path adapted to his physical form, to respect the rules of the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse (stay on marked trails; preserve the flora and fauna), and to fly straight from Dent de Crolles to the Saint Nazaire les Eymes landing zone.
All safety rules must be respected (Flight rules, safety distances, priorities, approach circuit).
It is prohibited to perform aerobatic. The pilot must comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer of his equipment and must stay in its normal flight envelope.
By registering for this hike with descent in flight from Dent de Crolles, the pilot commits to respect these rules and the instructions of the Director of flights (DV).
All pilots who do not respect this regulation will be excluded from the event.

Infos/Contact : vol1807@chvd.org


Download the regulations of HIKE AND FLY TO THE DENT (pdf)

Regulations Flight 1807