In St Hilaire, in the evening, the party continues in music in the "cafet" marquee

Thursday, September 19th



The sisters are taking us into the heart of America from the 40s to the 60s. From dances and balls Duke Elligton style at Pearl Harbor, they comfort the troops and our hearts to music. It's for us that they will be performing, we will swing and twirl to the sound of their beautiful vocal harmonies.

Friday, September 20th


FRIDAY - 1st part (9:30pm): ROBLES

Robles is the courage of a social and poetic criticism: what isn't said does not exist, so have courage to say so! Faithful to his penelope as to poetry, and to the musicians, the poem sung is accomplished only if there is singing, words and music at the same time. it gives courage and makes life more desirable. Musical poetic thought is a way in which we transform, invent, read, see, and live our story's.


FRIDAY - 2nd part (11:00pm) : DAZZLE

Influenced by the English-speaking rock of the 70's, somewhere inbetween Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, the band Dazzle unfolds on the stage a festive and communicative energy, around original compositions that are both effective and sophisticated.

Saturday, september 21st


SATURDAY - 1st part (10:00pm): CARIBE SI

Directed by Peter Scalisi “ Caribe Si ” offers Latin music mixed with salsa, chacha and traditional Afro-Cuban music. this type of music releases a warm, dynamic and dancing energy. The 10 musicians are inviting you to a coppery, rhythmic and colorful journey.


SATURDAY - 2nd part (11:45pm) : PAS RICHE HILTON

An energetic trio that revisits in there own way rock and groovy, some great top pop hits! in the spirit of Paris Last compilations. Among the resumptions we have: Blur, Chaka Ponk, Sting, Bowie, Doherty, stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Justice, Vapire weekend but also the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Pharelle Williams...

A St Hilaire, on the South Launch, after the sceenings of Icares du Cinema

A good dose of energy, a zest of "world pepper" with the rebel sauce, mix everything "on the rock" of course and it comes out hot!


Fed up with rock culture and "English pop," Arabella 's four boys offer their own rock' n 'roll reading, from the swinging London of the' 60s to the rock of the '2000s.


A feminine gang of Celtic punk rock music, festive and explosive style, created by Ella Beccaria, the violin singer. A socially committed music, proving that it is possible to be, at the same time, feminine, sexy and balanced with big sound !

In Lumbin, Saturday night, music is in the air starting at 7:30 pm.



Five passionate musicians, who revisit Rock, Blues, Rhythm and Blues and the Soul we all love. A recent group, a common exaltation !

Programme provided in St Hilaire by Martine Boisselier, in South Launch by Parateam, in Lumbin by Guy Piollat - Contact :